Market Research Service for Life Science Industry

BioSurvey is an online survey service specialized in the field of Life Science.
By quantitatively analyzing opinions from several hundred Life Science researchers,
we will provide a solution to guide marketing issues held by clients based on the truth (data).

  • Market characteristic survey
    • Market size, competitor share, growth rate
  • Market needs assessment
    • Demand and acceptability of products and services
  • Market segment survey
    • Segment the market and grasp the purchasers
  • Product development concept test
    • Spec evaluation, price acceptance, application etc.
  • Objective evaluation of the company’s brand value
  • Quantitative evaluation of Marcom activities

Features of BioSurvey

A wholistic appraisal through our unique panel configuration

Our list contains over 3000 of the leading life science researchers in Japan. Students are excluded from the list.

Very high response rate.

Our database only includes researchers who have agreed to cooperate in surveys. This is proven by the number of responses to a questionnaire (average 150 -400 per survey), which is equal to the rate from a 20,000-person promotional purpose database.

Survey design know-how

In order to draw useful insights from the survey results, it is very important to design survey forms (questions and options). We will interview client’s request and consulting on the design of accurate survey form.

Possible to provide neutral and reliable data.

BioSurvey is an anonymous survey to eliminate any bias from results. Our report consists of numerical data without ambiguity.

Survey Panel

The characteristics of our research panel

survey panel

Example of execution

  • Study on Genome research trend and demand for next-generation sequencer
  • Study on Antibody Production Tool trend
  • Study on creation of new cell biology research equipment
  • Study on creation of new cell culture reagents
  • Brand study on biotools in Japan
  • Study on creation of support service for glycochain research

Cases of survey target area

Next generation sequencer, single cell analysis, digital PCR, DNA microarray, ELISA, magnetic beads, software, protein analysis, transfection reagent, bioimaging, protein array, peptide synthesis, real time PCR, sugar chain, cell assay, cell culture, iPS cell differentiation induction, fluorescence / chemiluminescence, mass spectrometry, gene analysis, electrophoresis, microscope, X-ray crystal structure analysis, organic synthesis (lead compound), monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein, high throughput screening etc.

BioSurvey Client’s Voice

The results BioSurvey are extremely effective for our product development and sales strategy.

E. M., CEO,
Antibody related startup company

Without BioAssociates’ service, our marketing strategy will not be established.

M. I., Manager,
Business Development Department, Regenerative Medicine
related startup company

We were able to figure out new marketing strategies.

S. S., Marketing Department, Genetic Analysis Instruments manufacturer

BioSurvey Pricing

  • operates on a performance-based remuneration system which is based on the collection number.

  • Please inquire details.

BioSurvey FAQ

Do you provide advice when creating a questionnaire?

We will consult based on the client’s research purpose and draft questions.

Is there a limit to the number of questions allowed in BioSurvey?

The number of surveys are limited to 30 questions
(excluding questions such as classification of affiliation and our

company’s default questions).

Do I need to pay a remuneration to the respondents of BioSurvey?

Remuneration is provided to respondents from BioAssociates. There is no need for the client to pay a reward as such.

Do you include the respondents’ contact detail in the reports?

Due to privacy and personal information protection, any information that can potentially identify an individual will be omitted from BioSurvey results data. However, business matching (option) is possible when permission is obtained from the respondent. The name of the organization of the respondent will be provided as a Face List separately from the answer contents.

What is the difference between conducting an in-house questionnaire to utilizing BioSurvey services?

In order to draw practical insight from the survey results, it is essential that the answers provided exclude various biases and preconceptions.
It is therefore necessary to investigate via a neutral institution using a panel with no configuration bias. Hence BioSurvey will not reveal the name of the client company in the surveys.